Double Standards – Muslim beliefs/practices trump U.S. Military

As Chris Plante likes to say, “If the left did not have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.”

The AP reports today that,  “A military judge ordered officials at the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on Wednesday to stop using female guards to move the five defendants in the Sept. 11 case to court and back and to meetings with their lawyers. The ruling by Army Col. James Pohl addresses a dispute that has threatened to disrupt proceedings in the case, which is in the pretrial phase. Defendants have been refusing to meet with defense lawyers, arguing that any physical contact with a woman not related to them violates their Muslim beliefs.”

Huh?  Since when does the US of A change its policies based on the religious beliefs of [suspected] non-citizen criminals, or even its own citizens?

Just ask any of the Christian bakers, florists, or photographers whether their religious beliefs take precedence over the desires of homosexual patrons who have sued to force these Christians to de facto participate in their same-sex marriage ceremonies?  Ha!  Not quite.  [And let’s not forget that in each of these cases, the business owners have gladly served customers of all faiths, races and sexual orientations in non-wedding situations.  It is only providing services directly tied to “marriage ceremonies” that have caused objections.]

So how is it that a military judge sides with suspected terrorists over the U. S. Military?  Why is it that the military needs to reassign its soldiers so as not to violate the beliefs of radical Islamists?

Class?  Class?  Anyone?  Anyone?